In Memory of Glenn Sowder: 1938-2015

Glenn Sowder

A native son of Fayetteville, he enjoyed a truly storied life involving years of service, travel and adventure; but his heart and soul were never far from the place of his birth. Glenn came into his own growing up in Fayetteville, fostering the beginning of dozens (if not hundreds) of lifelong friendships he would cherish throughout his years. Although many of the stories of his youth share a common theme of good natured “hell-raising” and often involve times enjoyably spent in the pool halls of Dickson Street, he demonstrated a deep and profound commitment to those that gravitated to the circle of his presence at an early age, a trait that would in many ways define his life.

His passion for the game of football was without equal and he garnered a name for himself as a rising star of the gridiron in high school, college, during short pre-season trials in the NFL and especially on the fabled U.S. Army Division teams of the 1960’s that were assembled in the Far East.

Glenn joined the National Guard and then the Army, serving early in his career in both Korea and Vietnam. Many a veteran to this day must still scratch their head in bemusement at Glenn’s uncanny ability as his unit morale officer to somehow successfully re-outfit the same Vietnamese band in a different set of outfits to play at the officers club every weekend– changing their name and promoting them feverishly as a fresh new band each week (much to the confusion and delight of his fellow Servicemen). Glenn proudly served our Nation for well over two decades, eventually retiring as a Medical Service Corps Lieutenant Colonel following assignments in Korea, Vietnam, Germany and across the United States.

Among his many passions and joys included his work with the Big Brothers and Sisters organization, a lifelong dedication to the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, numerous real estate development projects and memorable as well as extremely entertaining runs for the local political offices of Mayor and City Council. Glen helped Arkansas Alpha maintain undergraduate housing from 2003-2005. We are proud to call him brother.